Faculty Members

Tourism Guidance Department:
Students major in tourism guidance in the first year in the faculty. The University Council, upon the suggestion of the faculty council , approves of the B.S. , M.S. and PH.D in tourism guidance.The study in the department is divided into two parts: the theoretical part and the practical part.
The theoretical part involves lectures and instructions to the students while the practical part involves field visits to the tourist attractions , whether regular visits ( to the Egyptian Museum ), short visits ( to the old Cairo and Beni-Suef) or long visits ( to Luxor and Aswan , Minia , Siwa and Alexandria ) .
These visits are often guided by the demonstration and instruction by the specialist and the staff members.The following topics are tought and researched in the department: the history, monuments and civilization of Egypt, the ancient Egyptian religion and literature, the ancient Egyptian language, the modern and contemporary history and monuments of Egypt,  Greco-Roman history and monuments of Egypt, tourist guidance skills, arts and architecture.