Tourism Studies Department:
Specialization at the Department of Tourism Studies (DTS) starts in the first year of study. Pursuant to the proposal of the faculty's board, the University grants the following degrees: bachelor's degree, postgraduate diploma, master's degree and doctorate degree.
Apart from the regular curriculum which is conducted in the form of lectures, students are encouraged to participate in the extra-curricular and co-curricular activities including at least one-month summer training in airline companies, tourism companies and travel agencies.
DTS is concerned with the following areas: the economics of tourism and hospitality, travel and tourism management, tourism marketing, planning and tourism development, management and organization of tour operators and travel agents, tourism and transport economics, information technology systems and its applications in tourism and hotels, tourism accounting, tourism geography, tourism agencies and organizations, tourism legislation, human resources and public relations, management and organization of conferences and events.

Courses of Tourism Studies Department:

Specialized Foreign Language (1) (Semester 1&2) 
Tourism Offices (Semester 1&2)
Introduction to Tourism (Semester 1&2)
Tourism and Environment (Semester 1)
Ancient Egyptian History and Archeological Sites (Semester 1)
International Tourism Regions (Semester 1)
Protocol and Etiquette (Semester 1)
Tourism Economics (1) (Semester 2)
Egypt's Greco-Roman History and Archeological Sites (Semester 2)
Egypt's Tourism Regions (Semester 2)
Human Rights (Semester 2)

Specialized Foreign Language (2) (Semester 1&2) 
Specialized Tourism Softwares (1) (Semester 1&2)
Tourism Companies (Semester 1&2)
Tourism Accounting (Semester 1)
Tourism Authorities (Semester 1)
Egypt's Islamic History and Archeological Sites (Semester 1)
Tourism Economics (2) (Semester 1&2)
Tourism and Host Community (Semester 2)
International Tourism Organizations (Semester 2)
Tourism Transport (Semester 2)

Specialized Foreign Language (3) (Semester 1&2)
Specialized Tourism Softwares (2) (Semester 1&2)
Egypt's Modern History and Landmarks (Semester 1)
Airlines Companies (Semester 1&2)
Events and Conferences Management (Semester 1)
Tourism Marketing (Semester 1)
Tourism Planning (Semester 1)
Egypt's Contemporary History and Landmarks (Semester 2)
Tourism Legislations (Semester 2)
Tourism Statistics (Semester 2)
Tourism Marketing's Recent Trends (Semester 2)

Specialized Foreign Language (4) (Semester 1&2) 
Tourism Publicity and Advertising (Semester 1&2)
Tourism Destinations Management (Semester 1)
Tourism Public Relations (Semester 1)
Tourism Development (Semester 1)
Tourism Market Research (Semester 1&2)
Tourism's Information Systems and Technology (Semester 1)
Tourism's Human Resources Management (Semester 2)
Tourism Sales Promotion (Semester 2)
Tourism Crisis Management (Semester 2)
Tourism Industry’s Quality Management (Semester 2)