Hotels Management Department:
Specialization at the Department of Hotels Management (DHM) starts in the first year of study. Pursuant to the proposal of the faculty's board, the University grants the following degrees: bachelor's degree, postgraduate diploma, master's degree and doctorate degree.
Apart from the regular curriculum which is conducted in the form of lectures, students are encouraged to participate in the extra curricular and co-curricular activities including at least one-month summer training in tourist villages and hotels.
DHM is concerned with the following areas: management of supply and hospitality institutions, food and beverage operations, management of food and beverage operations, food safety, hotel services, health affairs in the institutions of hospitality and supply, nutrition and menus, hotel accommodations, hotel marketing, management of conventions and conferences, crisis management, human resources, hotel control and supervision, maintenance of hotels and lastly the project.

Courses of Hotel Management Department:

Specialized Foreign Language (1) (Semester 1&2)
Ancient Egyptian History and Archeological Sites (Semester 1)
Management Principles (Semester 1)
Hospitality Industry (Semester 1&2)
Food and Beverage Management (Semester 1&2)
General and Occupational Health (Semester 1)
Domestic and International Tourism (Semester 1)
Egypt's Tourism Regions (Semester 2)
Hotels Economy Principles (Semester 2)
Hotels Accounting Principles (Semester 2)
Hotels Authorities and Organizations (Semester 2)

Specialized Foreign Language (2) (Semester 1&2) 
Hotels and Tourism Statistics (Semester 1&2)
Food Production (Semester 1&2)
Front Office Management (Semester 1)
Food Cycle (Semester 1)
Food Service (Semester 1&2)
Human Rights (Semester 1)
Management of Resorts and Tourism Villages (Semester 2)
Customer Service Skills (Semester 2)
Hotels' Health Affairs (Semester 2)

Specialized Foreign Language (3) (Semester 1&2) 
Nutrition and Food Menus (Semester 1&2)
Supervisory and Managerial Skills (Semester 1)
Hotels Economy (Semester 1)
Hotels Accounting (Semester 1&2)
Housekeeping (Semester 1)
Eco Hotels (Semester 1)
Quick Service Restaurants (Semester 2)
Banquets and Conferences Management (Semester 2)
Hospitality Human Resources Management (Semester 2)
Tourism and Hotels Legislations (Semester 2)

Specialized Foreign Language (4) (Semester 1&2) 
Hotels Projects' Feasibility Study (Semester 1)
Hotels Management Contracts (Semester 1)
Hotels Maintenance (Semester 1)
Hotels Marketing (1) (Semester 1)
Hotels' Information Systems and Technology (Semester 1)
Hotels Industry's Quality Management (Semester 1)
Hotels' Revenue Management (Semester 2)
Hospitality Industry's Quality Management (Semester 2)
Hotels Marketing (2) (Semester 2)
Therapeutic Hotels (Semester 2)
Hotels Projects (Semester 2)
Hotels' Fixtures, Furniture, and Equipment (Semester 2)